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  • Interior/Exterior Painting for Residential and Commercial
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  • Pergo Floor Installation
  • Cabinet Refurbishing

Interior /Exterior Painting

Let Sorel Home Improvement take the headache out of painting Detail and Quality at a Reasonable Cost!
Project Planning

Kick-off meeting

We will personally meet with you to review the details of your job, your start date, the length of your project, and where our painters should store their tools to minimize the inconvenience to you. In addition, we’ll discuss your colors and answer your questions, so there are no surprises later.

Color selection – Interior Colors Can be Confusing!

Our goal is to ensure that you’re thrilled with the color of your home, so we offer several color options. We can:

  • Match your current paint color. We take this step prior to starting work, so you know the color is right.
  • Give you color brochures to help you choose your own color.
  • We can help… but if you require more help, we know a great interior designer who will meet with you at your home to offer advice on colors.
  • We can apply a limited number of samples for free but for a small fee you can try as many  as you like
  • Faux Finishes – Samples in 2×2 squares for a small fee
Preparation and Painting

Masking and Drop Clothes

Protecting your home and belongings is our top priority. We cover all surrounding areas with tape, plastic, paper and drop clothes.


To prevent adhesion problems, dirty surfaces are washed.

Scraping, Sanding and Priming

Thoroughly prepared surfaces are the key to long lasting finishes. All chipping and peeling paint is scraped and sanded. For optimal adhesion glossy surfaces are lightly sanded. New and damaged surfaces are primed.


Drywall Repair and Caulking

Before painting all cracks and holes in drywall are repaired and re-textured. Gaps in trim are filled with premium latex caulk.


Product Application

After all preparation is completed, Sorel Home Improvement will apply your chosen products. Depending on the surface we will apply the paint with a combination of brushing, rolling and spraying. For the best coverage and maximum protection we apply two coats of paint.


Daily Cleanup and Communication

At the end of each day, our team will neatly store their tools in the agreed-upon location, vacuum paint chips, and clean up any trash. We want to minimize the disruption to your home.

Exterior Preparation and Painting

Pressure Washing

This step helps ensure that your top coat of paint will adhere properly and your painting investment will last longer.


Scraping, Sanding and Priming

Paint doesn’t adhere well to glossy surfaces. Sanding helps remove any gloss and promotes better paint adhesion.

Sun and water can damage an unprimed surface — such as a wood window sill that has had its paint chip off. Priming seals wood and other surfaces, so they aren’t exposed to the elements. In addition, priming helps your top coat last longer.


Caulking and Hole Filling

This step seals out moisture and air drafts that can reduce your energy efficiency. It also helps ensure that your final paint job looks better, and it prevents damage.


Masking and Drop Clothes

We cover brick surfaces, roofs, plants, and other outdoor areas to protect your home and landscape from unwanted paint spray or drips. 


Product Application

To ensure that your paint work looks great and lasts longer, we only use the best products and equipment. Depending on your paint surfaces, we may use a combination of spray, brushes and rollers to complete our work


Daily Cleanup and Communication

At the end of each day, our team will neatly store their tools in the agreed-upon location, vacuum paint chips, and clean up any trash. We want to minimize the disruption to your home.

Work We Do

Paint Kitchen Cabinets, and Bathroom Vanities. Paint walls, trim, doors, built-ins, ceilings and more Install borders, strip, and install wallpaper Faux finish, applied professionally Fix and paint chair rails

Pergo Floor Installation

Pergo invented laminate floors over 40 years ago and still leads the category today with advanced engineering and production. To offer laminate that’s more beautiful and durable than other laminate flooring imitators, Pergo constructs its laminate with several patented materials, bonded together under extreme heat and pressure without toxic chemicals.


Laminate floors are beautiful and can imitate the look of hardwood, tile or stone. You also have choices of authentic textured, mattes and gloss finishes. 

What’s really great about laminate flooring is that it’s durable. Have kids or pets? No worries there, this flooring will endure it all with ease. Another great thing is unlike hardwood, laminate floors are moisture resistant so you’ll have no issues in the kitchen or bathroom or basement when choosing to install laminate flooring

Why Pergo?

Pergo flooring is one of the most versatile and easy-to-maintain flooring options on the market today. Laminate floors are made to look like authentic hardwood, stone, tile, and other materials in a wide range of styles and colors. In addition to their beautiful looks, laminate is a highly durable floor, which is a great for active families and homeowners with pets.

What’s really great about laminate flooring is that it can be installed almost anywhere in your home. However, you must have a structurally sound, clean, dry, and flat subfloor. You can also install laminate over existing floors made of wood, concrete, ceramic tile, vinyl sheet, or even carpet.

Home Improvement

Sorel Home Improvement is more than just painting. We offer complete Home Improvement Services: Light Carpentry, Cabinet Resurfacing, Sheet Rock & Plaster Repair, Moldings, Interior & Exterior Painting, Deck Staining, Wallpaper hung, and Pergo floor installation.


Interior Painting
Kitchen Cabinet Refurbishing
General Carpentry
Pergo Floor Installation
Sheet Rock and Plaster Repair
Wall Paper – Hung or Removed
Exterior Painting / Staining

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